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Visa material
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Regulation of visa of visa application material involves an area wide, often change again. List the material that may involve below

Individual material

● passport original asks to have commonly at least the period of efficacy of half an year.

● picture is different the Zhang Shu that diplomatic mission asks is different, normally 1, 2 pieces. Ask one year commonly of less than illuminate nearly, individual diplomatic mission

Still ask colour is illuminated.

Country of ● visa application form is different, form is different; Minority country, the visa of different type should fill in different form. Fill out a form the most commonly used language is: Head for a country the mother tongue of official language, English or applicant.

Card of proof of deposit of proof of ● individual financial condition, house property, car this, the proof of hold stock, bond and credit card.

● other is like oneself and Id, family registered permanent residence this, calling card.

File the recruiting contract outside the invitation letter of the hair outside reason condition, condition, the written material such as the admission notice of the school outside the condition, case report that is the same as dealings of the business outside the condition, all can regard application as reason.

Him unit those who issue hold a post to prove and assure case had better use the archives paper with have an unit to look up as better as communication address, character, with heading for a country official language or English are printed, be signed by the leader and build official seal. Some diplomatic mission still ask to show photocopy of company unit business charter, unit to publicize booklet to wait.

Itinerary arrangement goes back and forth between airline ticket or order for goods, hotel books arrangement of odd, program, abroad insurance to wait.

Certificate fee and assure gold is almost all diplomatic mission collection certificate fee, it is cost rate has only not. A few diplomatic mission assure to the visa collection of certain sort gold.

The authenticity that notarial material notarization is pair of material increased to assure. Notarial formalities is dealt with in notarial place. Divide condition grandfather card and churchyard notarization:

The unit invites outside the invitation letter that card of ● condition grandfather sends outside situation of demand of some diplomatic mission, condition want a course to head for a country from the file such as charter of course of study the notarization of the notary organization. Abroad is notarial by invite square home to deal with.

● home notarization has some of diplomatic mission to ask the applicant offers the notarization of business charter of relation of on-the-job proof, relative and unit. This kind of notarization is dealt with in notarial place of home.

Attestation attestation is the same as notarial property likeness. The process of attestation is such: Applicant the material need attestation (wait like relation of on-the-job proof, relative) the attestation part that sends our country the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, turn again by its diplomatic mission or relevant orgnaization affirm. The data that requires attestation should pass notarization first commonly.
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