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How to judge the difficult easy extent of visa of application each country
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The author comes up against the query of a lot of friends in old real work: Area of? of  of Jiao mother Yu) does visa do more easily? Why is the visa to XX country so impracticable? Etc. My answer is: Meat and fish dishes of colour artful close says herd of the  that be troubled by ぜ lifts radon? and before according with, go to country (area) the formulary demander that issues visa, obtain visa very easily, win approval very hard otherwise. Such answer, the reader is potential already satisfactory, do not satisfy again. So Where is the difficult easy extent that how judges visa of application each country after all? Basically analyse from the following respects:

(1) emigrant country compares the visa that is not emigrant country to be gotten easily.

The world uploads the emigrant country of all, wait like the United States, Canada, Australia, although to China in recent years immigrant had strict restriction, but should accord with emigrant condition only, get visa more easily still, although await time is relatively a few longer. Contrary, if apply for to be not emigrant country, be like Japan, the chance that gets visa is gotten relatively less much.

(2) relative reunites to be gotten more easily than be not the relative's visa.

General each countries set, want the person that with homeland citizen or permanent settler have lineal kin or legal kin only, can pass the certificate data that normal procedure and legal laws and regulations approbate, and obtain visa. Conversely, the opportunity that is not the person that be not reason in person to obtain visa is very few. The person that be like the marriage that cross a state, the marriage that wants them only is regulation of be good law, in equipment neat all sorts of certificate material (wait like marriage certificate and relevant notarial deed) later, can get visa very quickly commonly.

(3) education quality is high person lower than getting educational rate get easily.

The competition of the world is the talent's competition actually. Always professional knowledge is in Gao Shuiping, foreign language level and get used to ability to belong to classy, there are the person that highlight success or well-known public figure in domain of some science and technology especially, than get education rate is low, the person that do not have special ability again, obtain visa easily of course. Not only such, the spouse that connects them and children are gotten easily also much.

(The visa of 4) developing country is gotten more easily than the visa of the developed country.

In recent years the rapid development of a few developing countries to get economy, the professional technology personnel to certain industry and special skill person waited to all take fuller course of action, just lack difficulty in order to solve native person. The service industry of many developing countries, wait to lack suitable hand relatively like the employee of hospital nurse and meal course of study. Conversely, the developed country is controlled to the visa of this kind of personnel more severe.
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