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Euramerican study abroad a few big reasons with difficult visa
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Often listen to a person to speak of, euramerican study abroad visa is difficult. Actually difficult with not difficult it is of relative to character, resemble seeing a problem get one divides into two same. Learn successful numerous students not less, application school, obtain visa very successful. Also have really many, 3 fold, not was like eventually wish. Be contacted more, also realize gave a bit reason.

Application of alleged and Euramerican school is difficult, study abroad visa is difficult, will look from particular operation have the following reasons:

Cosmopolitan talent competes greatly. Well-known, american, European face the professional that oneself need, often Qiu Xianre is thirsty, it is to put permission to go ahead with some project greatly more on the issue that handling visa. Contrary, if go,the popular major of this country takes advanced courses, wait for major like industrial and commercial management, finance, need to have " patience behead 6 will " competence, good because of these major can have quota of people restrict normally, the student plus application is much, more meet 10 thousand lis carry one. Together with, the application purpose of some applicant and actual and " not conform to " , be called " the part that has deceit " . For example some of person is playing the banner of study, go working earn money, go making a sightseeing tour, perhaps stop not to return. Such business is much, the quantitative nature that refus signs is tall also.

The data that applicant prepares is too trival change, complication. Say according to having the public figure of experience, normally visa official is read carefully without enough time and the analysis is full length the thing of tired wooden tablets or slips for writing. Official of visa of hard to avoid does less than is opposite to apply for to undertake anatomize makes accurate judgement and decision again. Data is chastening still and accurate had better.

The time that presents application material is too short. Each university has the date of expiration that accepts application of enter a school, if cannot catch up with this date, or measure ahead of schedule insufficient, apply for to won't be accepted naturally, visa also won't be accepted. Conduction visa must have enough measure ahead of schedule, this want to be sure to keep in mind!

The move when meeting with visa official is installed and formal very important also. This often by person oversight, actually visa official often is to pass dress and formal have an abecedarian impression to you first. Decorate meticulously also did not cross a head, affected can make the person feels disgusted instead, had better be the original temperament that accords with oneself. Should show when the talk not neither haughty nor humble, urgent not impetuous, show the citizen of a great country's due demeanour, often can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Contrary, the more anxious, take downwind boat by every means the more, "Have emigrant tendency " take off however do not drop implication. After wishing to learn, render service to repay kindness of the motherland, often get respect fully.
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