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Common sense of visa going abroad
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The visa of world each country has the visagranting office that its set to sign and issue. Popularly says, the visagranting office of each country and hair take office basically is unified. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each country and outside be stationed in, make (get) the institution functioning abroad of house or special authorization is a visagranting office. The immigration office of some countries or police station also are a visagranting office, but accredit in what its are stationed in each country to make commonly (get) in house or other and special institution functioning abroad. The powers and authorities of office of the visagranting office signs and issue visa namely, also have revoke or the power that announce visa becomes invalid at the same time.

What is the action of visa

Visa is country of a dominion a takes to maintain native sovereign rights, dignity, safety and interest step. Visa is homeland of executive discrepancy of a sovereign state home a of territory management important step. If the citizen of a country hopes other country trip, resident, trade, study abroad etc, outside having passport or viatic certificate except what must have his, another essential condition, must obtain the visa that heads for a country namely. Otherwise, be impossible to embark on a journey.

How to apply the be born visa that heads for a country

Visa of alleged be born, it is the toward the country visa before showing the applicant cannot be obtained from place country directly, hold what passport and this country send about mechanism to enter a country however permissive proof reach this nation after port, sign and issue visa again. The applicant must notice, the nation that handles visa of this kind of be born is very few. The applicant must make clear Hunan hind before set out, just can set out, ten million cannot act blindly, lest arrive at hind cannot get visa.

Visa of application foreign country, have to the passport why to ask

Visa of application foreign country must have him valid passport or the certificate of other and effective journey that replace a passport. Common national capital asks the period of efficacy of the passport must grow the period of efficacy at visa or retention, the period of efficacy of some requirement passports is in at least above of half an year, do not accept administrative visa application otherwise.

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