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About a few basic knowledge of Shen Gen visa
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European Shen Gen visa (European Schengen Visa) , result from an international pact that in Luxembourg Shen Gencheng signed on June 14, 1985. This treaty by Germany, France, Holand, Belgian He Lusen 5 countries reach fort. The agreement set onefold visa policy, altogether namely the effective entry visa that the nucleus delivers member state of Shengen of any of hold of foreign nationality personage, can for many times pass in and out its member state, and do not need to apply for visa additionally. Accordingly, head for Western Europe heart, carry on one's shoulder, law, than, Lu 5 countries travel, need to obtain only among them the visa of one country can

As the development of process of unifinication of European Union country, country of Shen Gen agreement also increases ceaselessly. 1990-1992 year Italy, Spain, Portuguese and Greek join in succession. Bonn conference decided on December 22, 1994 second year become effective of Shen Gen visa. On March 26, 1995 heart, law, carry on one's shoulder, than, Lu, on the west, 7 countries of Pu are carried out formally. Later Italy, Austria, Greek also approve in succession carry out; On March 25, 2001 boreal Ou Wuguo (Denmark, Sweden, Norwegian, Finland and Icelandic) enter this agreement formally also. Accordingly, at present the limits of country of Shen Gen agreement, enclothed Western Europe, medium Europe, north 15 countries such as Ou Hena Europe (Holand of Germany, France, Belgian, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Greek, Spain, Portuguese, Denmark, Sweden, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic) , the Switzerland of the Europe in having only reachs the British Ireland except of Western Europe, the avoiding of the Chinese citizen that also does not have any is opposite to hold Shen Gen visa signs measure.

According to current message, the nine Europe country that had signed Shen Gen agreement (polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuania, Latvian, Estonia and Malta) will implement this agreement formally at the end of the year. Since December 21, these countries will cancel to be checked with the overland border land that has Home Shen Genguo. As a result of the reason that airliner schedule changes, these countries predict at the border land examination of the airport in March 2008 the bottom cancels. Additional, because following country is done not have with Shen Genlin country actually border land examination, also can enter at will by Shen Gen visa: Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco.

Common Shen Gen visa is phyletic

C kind (Type C) : Visa of the commonnest short-term Shen Gen, allow period of efficacy inside, two or enter a country for many times.

D kind (Type D) : The country that in principle of this kind of visa makes clear in admit visa only, but also can allow to be below essential condition at entering a country before from another Home Shen Genguo (at 5 days in) pass through the territory of a country.

D C kind (Type D C) : This kind of visa combined C kind with D kind main feature, belong to the visa of single country on one hand, also can enter other at the same time explain root country.
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