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Shanghai - Hong Kong 4 most be economical course
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One, Shanghai harbor train most be economical, go there and back to need 600 yuan only.

Go to Hong Kong from Shanghai, most the method nothing is more... than of be economical takes Shanghai harbor to arrive directly at train, of course, you collect is neat at least 4 people, buy organization ticket. The concerned personage of Shanghai iron brigade discloses, common and one-way those who head for Hong Kong is medium shop fare is 571 yuan, but the group objective to 4 people above, lowermost discount will hit 600 yuan / person. Shanghai harbor train is one-way nevertheless for many hours 20, roundtrip need to cost 2 days.

2, to Zhuhai change trains, charge differs to 520 yuan in 380 yuan.

Above all, it is quite good that you get lot, those who grab age airline to go to Zhuhai from rainbow bridge is cheap airliner, lowermost fare is 299 yuan; Be in Gongbei next car terminal or sweet continent car terminal takes a bus to get off to port of Shenzhen Luo Hu, cross port to be able to enter Hong Kong, need 80 yuan of carfares only; Perhaps set out from 9 continent harbor again, head for commercial and transportation center of city of the harbor in Hong Kong or dock of HongKong and Macow by ship, charge is tourist class 160 yuan, first-class stateroom cabin 190 yuan, honoured guest cabin 220 yuan.

3, to Shenzhen change trains, do not exceed 1400 yuan.

First from Shenzhen of Shanghai non-stop flight to, take from Baoan airport directly again in cling to head for Hong Kong, also can yet be regarded as the tweak of a kind of be economical. Generally speaking, shanghai reachs Shenzhen a paragraph, take a country the early flight of boat most be economical, although buy,come loose passenger ticket, add domestic airport to build cost and fuel tax, total prices also can be done 1250 yuan calm; Plus one-way in cling to expend 100 yuan, 1400 yuan can cover whole journey.

4, the lock decides special offer journey, cost control is in 1600 control to 1900 yuan.

Current, a lot of travel agent or professional travel website, swim in the light of HongKong and Macow rolled out all sorts of favourable measure. Some and bank cooperate, some and airline cooperate, to collective client, roll out 1600 yuan of bargain price that control to 1900 yuan technically to swim, charge included room of hotel of class of 3 evening star and cost of tax going there and back commonly, can say to go up overflow.

But, this kind is booked must drive early, and the journey goes sightseeing for travel more, many more accessary point to the content that order, suit to like the passenger of free travel not quite.

Netizen of acknowledgment community Cissy_sz, Eva82822 netizen provides text information.

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