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Leave the country free luggage has " examination watch "
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The freedom outside the condition sounds cheesier than joining a group to swim all right, but how to arrange a lot of and petty every day object, in order to reduce the sudden state in journey, have among them " recipe " but abide?

Hodometer Leave to be in the home, person allowing the home knows you are in where.

Travel data Collect more detailed, those who play more happy.

Urgent contact phone Our country is stationed in phone of agency of local embassy, business affairs.

Map Head for the map of country or city, it can be breathed guide.

Tablet Record valuable information on the way.

Firebug smooth pen In journey of the designation on the map.

International credit card VlSA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, can apply for in home.

Budget traveling knapsack Old blanket roll can be sent in the station, satchel back goes into the street.

Pocket Put a few dot that should use at any time.

Conceal type close-fitting bag Protect the important document such as check, passport, airline ticket.

Monolayer sleeping bag Stay in a youth hostel necessary.

Heat preservation bag The country that winter flies violently to heavy snow, can keep out chill.

Seasonal clothings Note the climate when heading for a country to become, temperature.

Change wash underwear 3, if go to no-go area, it is OK also to be not washed.

Swimsuit There is some of beautiful beach in journey, be worth to enter the water.

Cap The summer is prevented bask in, winter is blocked cold.

Glove Heat preservation.

Sock 3 pairs, had better use socks of cotton suction sweat.

Washing powder With small polybag cent is installed.

Needlework bag Simple and patchy dress.

A pair of good shoes Be kind to your double foot, want to rely on it to take you to view the world.

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