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The journey finds cheap room opportunely
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To a lot of compatriots, entrance ticket of traffic, accommodation, tourist attraction is 3 expenses with the largest journey, also be the crucial point that affects quality of go on a journey. Generally speaking, traffic, entrance ticket is rigid price more, extent of more difficult cut defray, and there's something behind all this can do accommodation criterion, want clever alternative only, can enjoy safe and comfortable accommodation condition not only, still can save a large sum of cost.

Enterprise or business unit hostel

Large enterprise or business the unit builds the hostel that has his commonly, the guest of convenient brother unit lodges. The charge photograph of hostel is low to wanting at guesthouse of small bit class much, its serve a level to also differ very few, cheap to safety of those be particular about fare, it is the stay ground of journey first selection.

Family (civilian house) hotel

Nowadays, as the development of travel concept, the aborigines of scene area also began to have extremely strong market consciousness, they do not wish to spend too much money to live in the light of the tourist guesthouse, want to experience the demand of local life amorous feelings again, roll out the free housing nap of oneself the family (civilian house) hotel. Although family (civilian house) the accommodation condition the good and bad are intermingled of hotel, but compare petty gain in charge respect, safety also has safeguard, special scene area waits in a region of rivers and lakes, ancient town, dorp, choose a family (civilian house) hotel can yet be regarded as a kind already be economical, can experience the tweak that place lives again.

College parent stay is in

A few colleges manage to facilitate, convenient come the parent of school visit student lodges, can be in student dormitory normally a few rooms recieve special put apart. Here already cheap, quiet, the life is more convenient also, calculate on cheap and fine good place.

Pilgrim recieves a station

Uprise sees sunrise, it is the viatic grand opera of a lot of tourists, but the guesthouse between hill not only the amount is very few, and content with rare for expensive, often can encounter cannot beg. And the cloister between hill is different, have many rooms but stay pilgrim. Want a tourist to donate an a certain quantity of burning incense money only, raising put up a guest for the night won't refuse; And it is much cheaper that burning incense money can compare the accommodation cost of guesthouse to want.

Youth hostel

Area of domestic major condition is opened have a youth hostel, it is cheaper to collect fees, establishment is all ready also, basically be outdoors canvasser and Wu of knapsack customer service, the youth lives to be able to search sharp attributive move and self-identity here feeling, know one, the friend of 2 have a common goal also perhaps.

Evening shift vehicle
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