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General view of article of each country forbidden band
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The discrepancy condition port of world each country has special custom to defend the baggage that manages discrepancy condition fare, article commonly. Each country to baggage, article into, leave the country management stipulates each are not identical. Accordingly, when Chinese passenger is dealing with the visa that heads for a country, the rule that should know the baggage when concerned country enters a country, article government to the visa official of concerned country.

Article of individual for private use

To the articles for daily use of individual for private use, euramerican wait for a country to do not have limitation commonly, as long as the articles for daily use that is individual for private use is general allow entrance. Among them the dollar that to entering a country passenger place carries or other foreign currency (include traveller's check) , general allow entrance, but the passenger should be declared according to the facts. People assigned aborad is before the port that enters some foreign country, the girl of international airliner can send every guest commonly when one enters a country, connect close with used custom declaration form. The passenger should be declared according to the facts, include the foreign currency that carries and traveller's check. Western each country enters a country not to grant to restrict commonly to foreign currency, but should declare according to the facts. The gift that carries to entering a country, exceed certain limit, go to the United States for instance, gift overbalance of 50 dollars, custom should deduct tax.

The article that prohibits entering a country commonly

Custom of world each country is general forbidden opium, herion, hempen wait for those who send the addiction, article that send unreal and its raw material to enter a country; Major nation, especially the world protects what wild animal organizes to enter a country to animal products, for instance ivory goods, fur, have the restriction of different level. The western each country such as the United States (outside dividing Japan) custom prohibits importing ivory or ivory goods from ivory state of origin, the wool of the endangered animal such as tiger, leopard, skin, bone. The western big country such as the United States, England, Japan prohibits when the passenger enters a country, carry fresh fruit, vegetable or without treated the flesh kind. On the west inferior Arabia, Mohammedan country violates presswork of etc of Mohammedan book, print, sound to have stricter entrance restriction like goods to having. Israel country to turning over Judaism is mixed mar article of Jewish people emotive, the article such as presswork has strict restriction.

Detail of article of each country forbidden band

The United States

The following article forbids to enter a country, if be checked, light person can be confiscated, the person that weigh criterion punish.

1, fresh, dehydrate or canned flesh kind, fleshy products.
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