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Take pet to go abroad whole strategy
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When carrying pet leave a country, shift to an earlier date at least please a week examines pet belt to place the place that quarantine orgnaization appoints undertakes quarantine.

Measure one:

The necessary data when quarantine:

(1) veterinary station of pasturage of prefectural class above or designation pet hospital those who issue " hydrophobic immunity certificate " (inject is hydrophobic vaccinal date does not exceed 30 days to leave day) ;

(2) original pet health letter;

(3) carriage appliance disinfects a proof (aviation box perhaps abstains animal basket to disinfect a proof) ;

(4) fill appropriate " sheet signing up for check " . Via checking qualification, examine quarantine orgnaization will sign and issue animal health credentials.

Measure 2:

Buy a box of pet appropriative aviation, shift to an earlier date 3 days to call to book shipping space to airline, want and oneself an airliner. The quarantine that asks to need where to refer very much to civil aviaton goods station incidentally proves (have around the airport normally do sth for sb dot, take testimony to money, need not give or take an injection) .

Shifted to an earlier date 3 hours to send airport goods station to do procedure pet that day, pay fee, buy insurance. Attention: Must not let pet pass X smooth opportunity, it is good to pass a case only.

Receive pet by identification to the center of pick up the goods of destination next. Aviation basket asks:

Generally speaking, requirement basket is structure of reinforcing steel bar, chassis and all around should use iron sheet inclose, allow only above stay for intake, still must use gunny-bag or the cushion with qualitative cotton is bound below chassis, the purpose is to do not make relieve oneself leak pollutes other goods, the hand of a loop for fastening a button that when the two side of basket need to have extraction, uses (can make with lead wire) , the mouth place of basket needs to be plunged into with lead wire close.

Remarks: Pet is before long-distance journey, should make all vaccinal ability safety. It is in aviation basket fixed good watering trough, had jumped over greatly more, pet will be very easy in journey thirsty. Winter should put on the dress of heat preservation to pet, prevent to suffer aspic.

TIPS: The boat outside suggesting to take or the plane of Chinese northwest airline, they can care your pet very much. The plane establishs " preferential take care of pet to serve " , let them also can already safety travels cozily again. Northwest aviation offers the way of a variety of locomotive animals: Baggage, goods and precious wrap up " VIP " (Very Important Package) . If the volume of the passenger's doggie, little pet or sparrow bird is not large, can put into but the pet of lower part of park passenger seat basket, northwest aviation allows to carry these pet to enter cabin inside.

Of each locomotive pet service collect fees each have different, the aviation that asks the airline that you select contact orders a group to inquire locomotive charge, the pet that is you plans a service.
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