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Go abroad swimming communication preparation
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Roam with home different is, domestic operation business won't open international automatically to roam for the client commonly function. So, piece China seeks advice to move please before travel 1860 or Chinese UniCom 10010, in the limits that enquires whether visit country and area had opened international to roam in operation business, affirm whether the mobile phone that carries suits to be in visit country and area to use, whether to need hire special the mobile telephone that makes type, the rate of advisory visit country and area, dial means. Had taken relevant certificate to do sleave to know roaming procedures to operation business postal service hall next.

For mobile to China user, besides Japan, Korea and partial America country, the country that if debutted,roams only and area, the client can use his mobile phone. Roam to Japan and Korea need hire of postal service hall special mobile phone, the network of business of operation of America part nation is GSM1900M, roam in these networks need uses 3 frequency mobile phone.

How to choose to roam network

Roam in use international when business, the meeting on the mobile phone displays the name of business of local mobile operation or network code automatically. If you hope to choose a certain network, can undertake the hand is moved choose a net. On the mobile phone, in entering mobile phone menu " the network chooses " , will " the network chooses way " the setting is " the hand changes way " , after dragnet sth resembling a net, will give out practicable network list, you can choose a network in this list. Its hand uses the mobile phone that notices to differ please the mode of operation that picks a net is different, specific ask service instruction of referenced mobile phone.

Make a thorough investigation of international overflows idle fund to expend

International overflows idle fund to expend is by roam ground operation business sets, the endowment cost standard that each operation business set is different. The website that before go abroad domestic friend also can carry the operation business such as Chinese shift will inquire the part overflows idle fund to expend a standard. But as a result of business of the operation outside the condition endowment cost standard can appear sometimes change, foreign currency rate of exchange also changes at any time, had better be so after reaching place, inquire to business of this locality operation again.

The endowment cost standard that as a result of place each operation business set is different, because this is OK,roam differently through the choice the network will save roam charge. Before leave the country, everybody should inquire the endowment cost of each operation business first, remember endowment cost roams inferiorly the name of the network, the means that choose a net is moved to choose this network through the hand when roaming.

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