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Korea journey note
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As policy of journey of Sino-South Korean individual unlock, the tourist of passport of every hold China all can avoid an autograph to enter island of Korea aid city 15 days; Hold affirms visa of effective United States, Canada, Japan is mixed leave the country the Chinese tourist of airline ticket can avoid an autograph to stay 15 days in Korea whole area more, because this heads for the Chinese tourist day of Korea journey,profit grows.

Korea is mountainous, road rugged, the car is much fast fast, the driver's license of international of hold of foreign passenger simply that although be in,Korea travels and passport, can hire a car to be driven oneself, but when should encountering weather of winter rain snow, appear easily road frozen, road condition is evil bad situation, the passenger should abide by traffic regulation all the more when going out to go or drive, drive after forbidden wine or exhaustion drives.

In Korea, still should understand and respect custom habit of place, notice specific situation take a picture limitation.

According to Korea government regulation, korea citizen must respect ensign, national anthem, national flower. Not only domestic broadcasting station, TV station will be time broadcast national anthem, the cinema is being shown or national anthem also can be broadcasted before the show, all audience must stand up listen respectfully. If the passenger is behaved too barratrous or at will in afore-mentioned circumstances, can be considered as to be opposite this country and this nation are irreverent, pose needless issue.

In Korea, be the same as banquet with elder, sitting position should keep decorous. Traditional Han type table is low base teapoy, the guest and host when have dinner answer on the ground of cross one's legs and sit. If have elder member of family attendant, someone else should on the crural motherboard that genuflect takes in oneself, unbend of double leg of avoid by all means or diverge, can be considered as otherwise not courteous or contemptuous person.

In addition, before was not asked for so that agree, cannot smoke before superior or elder at will, also cannot to its ask for a light or start to fight; Enter illicit home house or Han type restaurant to should take off a shoe.

The be a guest in if suffer,local home is being gone before inviting or attend the banquet, should take little gift, notice to pack in good condition; The gift is unfavorable cigarette of choice foreign country.

Most want advertent is, take a picture in Korea be to be restricted strictly. Martial establishment, airport, reservoir, subway, national museum and all sorts of public place of entertainment are forbidden those who take a picture, empty medium or high-level building high angle shot also is being banned.

Additional, journey going abroad should special strengthen safety to be on guard, before going on a long journey for long alone, had better tell oneself journey and connection kind close friends or domestic family member, seasonable newspaper is restful after reaching destination.
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