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International airliner seizes the opportunity flow
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Journey going abroad or business are right for the Chinese, not be the issue that Yao cannot reach any more, more and more compatriots take international scheduled flight, fly to exotic an alien land. Those who want an attention is, take international airliner and domestic scheduled flight, some are made on formalities different, understand these differring, what can let you is itinerary more successful.

1. airport builds cost and aviation insurance

International airliner airport builds the rate of cost to be: 90 yuan of RMBs / person; The 12 one full year of life that run half-price ticket (contain) the following children, can avoid hand in. Passenger but write one's own ticket is bought do not buy aviation insurance.

If the passenger holds visa of diplomatic passport, change trains, or take only, charter flight, airport construction expends hand in a circumstance to must refer to each relevant rate.

TIPS: Airport construction expends special proof to be able to be awaited in starting station only machine building is bought and use, and effective that day.

2. custom leaves the country examination

If the passenger has article to declare, take gules channel please, conduction customs procedures; If do not have, take green channel please.

TIPS: Custom is reached to needing to declare prohibit leaving the country the detailed regulation of article can be in seize the opportunity the inquiry in notice.

3. boards the plane formalities

Board the plane to ensure the passenger is successful, proposal passenger shifts to an earlier date 2.5-3 hour arrives at boat to station building conduction baggage is consigned and board the plane formalities, before taking off 30 minutes will stop to deal with.

TIPS: Partial airline can carry out afore-mentioned formalities to handle time according to the standard that defines oneself, the passenger must notice the relevant clew on airline ticket.

In addition, the indication screen of airport hall also can have roll the date of value opportunity bar of all airliners, the passenger can reach him by airline ticket effective identity document arrives appoint value opportunity bar to deal with board the plane to consign formalities with baggage, get boarding check.

The valuable such as certificate of the passenger's passport, visa, journey, cash, bill is carried please, do not put into consigned baggage.

The concerned regulation that consigns baggage is referred to please seize the opportunity notice.

Formalities of 4. wholesome quarantine

Go abroad one year the Chinese book passenger of above, valid healthy proof is indispensable.

Head for the passenger of area of some epidemic disease, should prevent vaccine in the vaccinal and necessary immunity before leave a country.

5. frontier defence is checked

The valid passport that foreign passenger needs to pay check passenger, visa and leave the country the card that register, it is inside time limit of effective entry visa leave a country; Chinese passenger (include resident of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) the valid passport that requires the passenger that meet test, certificate, head for a country visa, leave the country the proof going abroad that the card that register signs and issue with concerned branch.
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