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Leave the country swim prevent be lost
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Leave the country travel, it is self-help still follows a group no matter, because the environment all round is newer, although special caution, also the problem that hard to avoid encounters a lot of expect to be less than, especially be lost.

Outside the condition, once be lost, do not want first anxious, can stay in place or the place that head for agreement of the leader of a sports team to wait; Avoid by all means is act on one's own ambulate casually or return get offingly dot, unless the leader of a sports team asks,assembling get offingly.

If break away from a team to already had a paragraph of space, and the destination that you know to the group leaves one station fitly, can at the same time phone contact the leader of a sports team, head for below one station by oneself at the same time.

If you do not know group line, also do not remember what staying in the address of the hotel and phone of the leader of a sports team, can call go back to the motherland, get in touch with domestic relatives and friends or travel agent, go up with contact of greater part team as soon as possible thereby.

If you are thick,understand local language, also can head for branch of police station, diplomatic and consular missions or local travel sightseeing to seek help by oneself, inform hotel name and address. If be written down really,do not have hotel name, also want as far as possible think back to and describe hotel and its surroundings feature.

Leave home outer, had better not believe stranger easily, especially too enthusiastic stranger. Because Chinese tourist has the habit that carries cash or valuable to go up in the body in great quantities, abroad some " black guide " special " wait " or coax China tourist, sham even police comes bunco.

In addition, before leaving the country, answer to read announcement giving a group and note carefully, carry phone of domestic and international urgent contact; Phone of connection of the address that every remember a hotel to one station, phone, house bugle call, travel plate number, driver; Ask for a hotel to contact card downstage to the hotel at the same time, also can fall in the circumstance of inadvertent be lost, offer necessary information, help to find a group quickly.

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