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Chinese money uses general knowledge
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Chinese money is a RMB, by state bank -- Chinese people bank is issued. The unit of the RMB is yuan, fractional currency is horn and cent; One yuan is 10 horn, one horn is very. Yuan, horn, cent has soft also have coin; Yuan par have 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 yuan, of horn par have 1, 2, 5 horn, of cent par have 1, 2, 5 minutes. RMB yuan abbreviate symbol is RMB ¥ .

Foreign currency is changed

The foreign currency that can receive add in home at present includes: Circle of mark of dollar, pound, euro, France franc, Germany, Japan, Australia yuan, Austria first benefit, Belgian franc, Canada yuan, franc of Hongkong dollar, Switzerland, Denmark is overcome bright, Holand aegis, Norwegian Ke Lang, Sweden is overcome.

The add of bank conduction foreign currency is entered and add gives professional work, call foreign currency to change business.

According to our country active exchange control law sets, in churchyard of People's Republic of China, prohibit foreign currency is current, do not get with settle accounts of foreign currency valuation. Come to go to the lavatory China the foreign guest of travel and brethren of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan use a fund, nominated bank of foreign currency of etc of Bank of China is divided outside accepting credit card of foreign currency traveller's check, foreign country to change the business of the RMB, return those who accept 22 kinds of foreign currency to show money of new station of bank note and Taiwan to change business.

Additional, to go to the lavatory to holding add person to give as far as possible, besides the bank, a few guesthouse, restaurant or shop also can deal with foreign currency to change the business of the RMB; The not gone RMB after changing is before leave a country can change sheet to convert foreign currency by the foreign currency of the period of efficacy inside 6 months, carry leave the country.

The foreign currency of different situation is changed use different list price. Change traveller's check, credit card, remittance to use buying cost; Add gives foreign currency, include add to give foreign currency to show paper money, use sell piece collect valence; Add shows paper money into foreign currency, use buying cost showing paper money.

In the foreign credit card that China does sth for sb

Current, the foreign credit card that can do sth for sb in China basically has:

1, all things amounts to card (Master Card)

2, Weisaka (Vise Card)

3, Express (American Express Card)

4, JCB gets stuck

5, Dalaika (Diners Card)

Come China the canal of personnel collects a regulation

" byelaw of exchange control of People's Republic of China " the 17th regulation: "Halt China orgnaization and come China personnel is entered by condition foreign currency or carry the foreign currency that enter a country, can save by oneself, can stock a bank, also can hold significant evidence remit to perhaps be carried leave the country. " this byelaw contained the following content:
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