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The Spring Festival grows a holiday to go out to notice safety all right
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During Spring Festival festival came 2007, consul of Ministry of Foreign Affairs manages and integrated department congratulates beforehand national tourism bureau be about to leave the country Chinese citizen Spring Festival of the journey is happy, piece travel is successful! Travel to ensure you are outside the condition restful, happy, ask you to notice the following item:

One, piece certificate going abroad and relevant data are examined seriously before travel, the travel outside be like sheet of valid passport, visa, roundtrip airline ticket, journey, condition is safe (partial country still wants healthy proof and vaccine vaccinal book) etc, because certificate expires,avoid or formalities is not brought about completely enter a country suffocate suffocate. When anything crops up keep one's hair on, comply with the arrangement of personnel of the leader of a sports team, be stationed in local diplomatic and consular missions to contact with China when necessary (concerned connection means can inquire website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs: HTtp://www.fmprc.gov.cn)

2, give sanitation of regulation of situation of the politics that country or area go to before understanding in the round as far as possible before travel, Bureau of Economics and state of security of society, visa, custom regulation, medical treatment condition and have wait without the situation of a disaster or contagion epidemic situation. Attend according to the requirement form a delegation the specification before the company goes is met, accomplish know fairly well, precautions averts perils.

3, should comply with during the travel outside the condition arrangement of the leader of a sports team, abide by group activity journey, do not want do sth without authorization to leave a group. Want to keep as expedite as personnel of the leader of a sports team and family member connection, avoid family to miss.

4, the legal laws and regulations such as condition of the liaison man that country and area go before be being abided by strictly, discrepancy; Respect habit of local religion, nation, custom; Note civilized manner, as friendly as local get along. If treat issue, ask personnel of the leader of a sports team to appear personally harmonious solution definitely.

5, raise safe consciousness, strengthen ego to be on guard, notice traffic safety, person safety and property safety. Encounter accident or emergency to be stationed in connection of local diplomatic and consular missions in time to local police and China please, seek help. The detail consults please " the consul outside Chinese condition is protected and serve a guideline " Http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/chn/lsfw/lsxw/t23999.htm

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