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QQ Member tenth anniversary of the lucky draw ticket for free travel in Taiwa
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QQ Tour is a comprehensive, integrated one-stop travel service platform to provide flight times, accommodation, discount, price, number of seats and other information in real time inquiry, booking and other services; and nearly 500 cities in more than 12,000 hotels booking service. QQ travel booking air tickets in the hotel can enjoy the high rebate! Membership in the tenth anniversary of QQ, QQ QQ travel to all members launched the "award winning book a ticket for the egg drop" activity, a user traveling in the QQ platform (http://go.qq.com/) and successfully book a ticket for payment, by order number, you can get the opportunity to hit the golden egg prizes! 100% win! Whether traveling for business travel or self-help, QQ tourism will be your best choice for you great value price, super-excellent service.
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