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Ticket "cabbage price" the people "love and hate"
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With the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games end, the air transport industry also entered the off-season, domestic airlines have started to significantly lower ticket prices. In some booking sites, the number of popular routes have emerged in discount rate below 3 fold, reaching the low position of the year. Changes in ticket prices, the domestic number of "long-term trip," have a great impact. Travel regard that the recent addition to the more popular "Sanya Tour" and "Ice Tour" line outside, quite a few tourist routes offer a 40% margin of preference. Miss Jiang public have always been the intention of travel, before the high ticket prices, to make her first-class wait. Now travel agents have different discount, Miss Jiang naturally very happy. Staff said that although the December ticket prices ushered in the "low", but there has been no corresponding amount of booking a sharp rise. The reason, or due to lack of market demand, so the business was frequently a "cheap" policies, and potential customers.
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