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Registration in advance outbound Chinese New Year starts in Europe and America o
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Although some time away from the Chinese New Year holiday, but the city ahead of the Spring Festival travel products have been on sale long term, sales in the latest short line will start in December. Currently the city destination travel agents have begun for the United States and Europe offer. Affected by exchange rates, the United States travel offer significant advantages over previous years, this year the most affordable foreign travel. However, travel agents said the file is still the highlight of the Spring Festival will swim on the island. Some tourists have already started to consult Related lines, and individual travelers booking orders. Ctrip journalists see the Spring Festival from Shanghai to Europe, the U.S. tour, nearly 20 kinds of products can be booked, the departure date is Jan. 31 primary or February 1, the European Tour offer for 12,000 ~ 18,000 yuan, Usually higher than about one percent. Tour Price U.S. West Coast on the 8th of 15,000 yuan, with no significant increase over last year's Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival this year will introduce a romantic Italian + French trains, Switzerland + France Evian Spa Winter Tour, the four countries in Eastern Europe luxury travel and other bohemian style innovative products, first introduced the "pursuit of Northern Lights" Norway 7 Day trip for tourists like adventure and photography has provided a trip to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to the North Pole. In addition to the exchange rate causes "extreme cold" was also the European and American tour one of the reasons the price down. "This statement does not say what impact on the market, but the United States, Canada and Scandinavia and colder winter weather Indeed may reduce some of the enthusiasm of tourists travel. "Kim Hua Sanqing travel agency staff said foreign travel. It is understood that hot this year, the market for outbound tourism, the tourism market is very optimistic about next year's Spring Festival, Chinese New Year not only to advance on-line product, the current booking situation is beyond the expected, such as the European products have booked a 30% quota, Tourists travel plans in advance booking is necessary, you can get a more affordable price. Jinhua people in Southeast Asia is still the most popular outbound travel direction, the current introduction of various travel agents and more than 12 months in Southeast Asia tour. According to statistics, the direction of travel routes in Southeast Asia in the Christmas New Year period prices rose 5% ~ 10%, from Hangzhou via Shanghai Pudong International Airport of Brunei - 5 nights on the 6th half-Sabah Tours, special travel arrangements for the mangrove forest in the Quest, hotel accommodation can also be selected according to the needs of tourists, now the price is 6700 Yuan / person, Christmas, New Year period are expected to rise the price of 400 yuan. From Hangzhou via Shanghai Pudong International Airport of Sabah 4 nights 5 half days Tours, special arrangements for the trip free for two days, some travel agents Can also arrange honeymoon wedding room layout, now priced at 5600 yuan / person, Christmas, New Year period are expected to rise about 8%. Tours during the Spring Festival of the price increase will be relatively large, with an average increase of 20%, and some popular Line prices may double. The yen began in July all the way up, recently appeared in one yen against the ratio of 0.080555 yuan, reaching the highest point in Japan since the opening tour. Reporter learned yesterday from the city travel agencies, the yen exchange Rate rise will lead to purchase travel routes in Japan rose about 5%, tourists shopping in Japan, the enthusiasm of consumers will be affected. "Because spring is rich in resources, generally each year in December to next February is the peak season for travel in Japan, is now Spring Festival travel rush busy time slots. But this year due to exchange rate changes and other reasons, travel agents travel routes in Japan is still in the wait stage. "Kim Hua Sanqing outbound travel agent told reporters that the staff, a Generally speaking, after New Year's Day to the Spring Festival, the Japanese tour's offer for four or five thousand lines, if it is a week before the Spring Festival, will offer close to 1 times the gains. Changes in travel routes in Japan is more than obvious that Australia, New Zealand. Minimum two years ago when the Australian dollar against the yuan is only about 4:1, recent days have rebounded to a high of 6.6:1, plus Australia and the Northern Hemisphere season, the opposite Is in the tourist season during the Spring Festival, air tickets, hotels, cars and other costs will rise, leading to increase in Australia offer travel routes. Reporter learned from the travel agency, Australia during the Spring Festival travel routes generally offer higher than usual Out of 4,000 yuan, part of the line or even your usual 6000 to 7000 yuan, has reached more than 20,000 yuan. At present, the direction of the Spring Festival travel registration in Australia has just started, but tourists do not see the overall response of the price, but the exchange rate is high Bit is clearly not worth shopping in Australia, visitors to participate in local self-financed items of expenditure will also increase.
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