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NDRC discounted tickets and collect fuel surcharges are not contradictory
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According to the National Development and Reform Commission website news, the market mechanism into full play, reasonable changes to ease the domestic jet fuel prices affect the cost of air transport, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Civil Aviation Authority issued notice to the Civil Aviation announced additional domestic routes and air passenger transport kerosene fuel price linkage mechanism. The responsible person on the mechanism, said Quan, discount airfares and fuel surcharges are not contradictory to receive. The current implementation of the sales price of many tickets a discount, in this case the introduction of this mechanism may occur while airline fares discount, while the phenomenon of charge fuel surcharges. In this regard, the National Development and Reform Commission, the CAA official said, air fare sales is based on "multi-level class" system of operation. Airlines based on time, stops, etc., for different fares on different flights, additional restrictions on the same flight conditions are different, not the same fare. Thus, on the same flight, often both the full price tickets, there are discount tickets, even with a discount ticket, discount rate is not the same. The passengers on the differential pricing in different ways, not the air fares do not put in place, and collect fuel surcharges are not contradictory. Run by linkage mechanism, the mechanism provided by the airlines within the autonomous determination of the specific charges fuel surcharge standard, while airline passengers will be taken into account the different characteristics of the object needs and affordability within the existing fare policies determine the specific fare. Through the market mechanism, will help to achieve air fares and fuel surcharges the organic combination of a relatively reasonable level of fares and fuel surcharges.
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