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Shenzhen airline increases the flight number going there and back that Shenzhen
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This net dispatch: The reporter learns from department of market of province airport company, give a need to satisfy those who put city citizen on the ice, since October 14, shenzhen airline adds Shenzhen, Harbin goes back and forth between an airliner.

As we have learned, this airliner is carried out by type of Shenzhen airline B737, every week 2, 4, 6 flights 3, airliner date is ZH9091/2, specific time: 14 when take off 20 minutes from Shenzhen, 18 when arrive at Harbin 30 minutes; 19 when take off 20 minutes from Harbin, 23 when arrive at Shenzhen 30 minutes. At the appointed time, deep boat is in Harbin, quantity of flight number of Shenzhen line day is added reach 3, airliner date is ZH9818, ZH9932, ZH9092, it is early, medium, late hour respectively, citizen of great and will convenient Heilongjiang goes out to Guangdong and HongKong and Macow row. Head shift to an earlier date 5 days to buy a ticket to be able to enjoy the 3.5 special offer privilege that lose between voyage schedule.

It is reported, shenzhen aviation is current country is the biggest civilian battalion airline, aircraft group dimensions has exceeded 100, this company values market of Harbin civil aviaton very much in recent years, already enlightened Harbin is mixed to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Hefei, Changzhou 8 course such as Shenyang. (Chou Jian)

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