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Nanyang airport temporarily boat station building is enabled formally 7 days lat
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As Nanyang reached Beijing that day the end of the airliner, resettlement develops building of station of Nanyang airport boat in the round, this is job of a when carry out building of new boat station to revise extend project main earlier stage. To ensure the success of resettlement, base at an early date starts work made remove carefully in detail plan, prepare the job and special case to what remove deal with undertook specific arrangement is decorated. 7 days that evening, those who pass 7 in an orderly way, hours is successive fight bravely, before dawn temporarily, all equipment inside building of former boat station remove entirely end, installation is debugged reach the designated position. 8 days 14: 47 when, guangzhou reachs Nanyang airport to Nanyang airliner, temporarily official investment uses boat station building, safety ensured the first batch of passengers. Temporarily after boat station building is enabled, building of former boat station will be demolished as soon as possible, this indicates Henan saved a key to build a project 2008 - building of station of Nanyang airport boat revises extend project be about to start working construction. (Li Ying, Xu Cundong)

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