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Country passenger of safeguard of force of gold of 11 National Day helping someb
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This net dispatch: During National Day golden week, boat Chongqing branch carries out the country in all 588 airliners task, only then hair acceptance of consignment seventeen thousand two hundred person, highest guest rate is achieved 90% .

   Finish Guyana president private plane satisfactorily to guarantee the job

On October 1, demonstrative crew of sunshine of boat Chongqing branch is in the country CA419 Chongqing - on Hong Kong airliner, finished satisfactorily come China a private plane ensures the Guyana president Gugediao that attends the summer to amount to Wo Si forum the task.

Task of safeguard of this second private plane got the height of company leader takes seriously, flight flight crew, crew and sky alarm comprise by experienced personnel, they prepare flight, air defence, service to wait seriously beforehand case, no risk at all of do one's best. Sunshine crew is attentive be fond of of the purpose that asks about Gugediao's president visit, individual, fed a company to provide meal information for boat. The curry chicken meal that food company provides meticulously and seafood mug-up get presidential praise greatly. In the airliner, crew was Guyana president Gugediao to provide the service of high grade, Shu Xin all right, give model of plane of name of child of Olympic Games blessing presidential gentleman as the gift. Gugediao's president is very simpatico, he and steward are kind chat and group photo accept as a souvenir, to the country the service of boat high level expresses satisfaction.

   Appropriate place purchase falls the airliner ensures the passenger embarks on a journey in time

Guangzhou came on September 29 10 thousand cities, pudong came on October 4 Chengdu two airliners fall fully because of weather reason Chongqing, country place of urgent passenger of boat Chongqing branch is urgent, one party area is extremely harmonious, for the passenger successful lot turns, include 15 Japan fare among them. Contact a bus on the other hand, with the ground carriage means carries a passenger to embark on a journey, made sure the passenger reachs destination in time during the festival.

In awaiting machine process, the company endeavors to satisfy passenger requirement, provided close and considerate service for the passenger. Vomiting of a passenger is unwell, after the ground takes a staff member to assist its go to a doctor, arrange this passenger to rest in anteroom of first-class stateroom cabin, help its deal with filling class formalities, got this fare mix reputably acknowledgment.

  Flight cadre goes to Beijing to be on duty ensure the golden week is safe on schedul

In the light of time of golden week vacation passenger flow measures long, brigade to wait for a circumstance greatly, department of flight of boat Chongqing branch develops the nation in the round safety moves, the comprehensive big examination of flight technology circumstance works, put an end to factitious accident, ensured the golden week is safe on schedul. Main leader strengthens flight department to cooperate with division of labour and produce the dominant effect of Party member cadre adequately, flight cadre is on duty actively to Beijing, finish flight job even at the same time. Company leaders of all levels pays attention to humanitarian consideration, master trends of thought of good flight personnel at any time, do the thought dredge in good safety, it is difficult that for flight safety platoon care is solved, finished the flight job during National Day golden week, ensured flight safety. (Hu Xiao, Zhou Qing, Chen Qian, Lv Jia)
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